5 reasons for the miracle of college students

5 reasons for the miracle of college students

One is the problem of academics.

After entering the university, some students failed the exam due to mastering the university’s learning methods, which caused a series of problems.

Some students lose their self-confidence, and some students suffer from test phobia, and they get sick or dare not take the test every time they take the test.

  The second is the problem of interpersonal communication.

After entering college, some students have expanded the scope of their interactions. They wanted to interact with others. After they did n’t know how to interact or failed, they became lonely or taciturn.

  Third, it is the issue of family education.

In some families, because parents have long expected their children too much, students ‘expectations of themselves in the university are too high (especially from workers and farmers’ families), which leads to excessive pressure on students and psychological loss.Balance, severely lead to death.

  Fourth, it is the family environment.

Either they have suffered excessive setbacks before, or their parents have divorced, and students have not lived with their fathers or mothers for a long time. This has led students to feel that life is not fun and the world is terrible, so they show hostility when dealing with people.

After confronting setbacks, some students have a certain deviation in their value or their views on others.

  Fifth, it is a problem of sexual psychology.

Some students have deviations in how to perceive sex and the meaning of sex in life. Most students with serious psychological problems are related to this aspect.