The Temptation to Go Home


“The Temptation to Go Home”

Recently, the very popular TV drama “The Temptation to Go Home” is an adaptation of the classic Korean drama “The Wife’s Temptation”. It is an urban fashion emotional drama starring the Korean beauty Qiu Po-hyun, Hong Kong red star Li Caihua, and the mainland nanny Ling Xiaosu.The transformation process of growing into an independent and strong urban woman.

One of the female protagonists is Hong Kong actor Li Caihua, with a pure and beautiful appearance, known as the “new generation of advertising queens” and “boy killer”. It is the new “Jade Girl” head of Hong Kong entertainment circle after Cecilia Cheung and Li Jiaxin.

Today I will share with you Li Caihua’s skin care experience.

  Li Caihua: Sometimes I do n’t wear makeup to make the skin breathable. Li Caihua ‘s appearance this time is really a thought, a set of bright red short skirts, a big show, and a special Malay to congratulate the “interstellar”.

  Speaking of beautiful secrets, Li Caihua suggested that moisturizing and hydrating is a thing that everyone should stick to for a long time, regardless of gender.

“As an artist, I have to put on makeup whether I’m filming or attending an event. For a while, I found that my skin was very aging, even dry, and wrinkles appeared, so I quickly replenished my skin, and took the toner on time.Soon the skin changed, the complexion became brighter, there was no feeling of tightness, and she laughed more beautifully.

“She said,” especially now that winter is just entering, and the skin is prone to dry and fragile when the seasons change, so hydrating at this time will lay the foundation for the skin to survive the winter.

  Because she is busy with work, she often lacks sleep, but letting her skin “sleep well” is also Li Caihua’s experience.

“The skin does not have the opportunity to breathe makeup all day long. No matter how good the foundation is, it will also cause problems over time. So she will remove makeup twice a day because the skin is the same as the body. After working, you must have sufficient rest.

If you can’t make up, try without makeup. It’s clean and good for skin care.

“” Drink plenty of water, eat more natural and healthy foods, pay attention to dietary arrangements and meal schedules; the other is to try to maintain enough sleep time, sleep is the best way for women’s beauty and skin care.

“On March 12, Hong Kong film and television star Li Caihua appeared as a guest in Shenzhen and attended the opening ceremony of the 600th store on the mainland of a famous retail chain of health and beauty products.

Li Caihua said in her outstanding beauty and skin care tips.

  Previous work arrangements have recently been busy with the selection and shooting of some film and television works, while at the same time actively learning more about performing arts to enrich themselves.

Because she often travels to other places to participate in promotional activities and face the busy life of “flying trapeze”, Li Caihua said that she has a set of methods to maintain skin and beauty.

  On a business trip, she usually buys some personal care products that clean the skin and skin care. Of course, sometimes when she sees snacks and gadgets in the store, she can’t help but buy them.

Li Caihua personally experienced the convenience of member shopping in the 600th store, and copied the need for performing arts, she often needs to travel between China and overseas, and the chain stores throughout the country and abroad can provide rich, uniform quality individualsCare products and caring services can maintain the best working and living conditions.

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