Seven bad habits cause skin can no longer be white


Seven bad habits cause skin can no longer be white

Establish a correct whitening concept. In fact, each person’s skin has a very different demand for whitening. If you just blindly, make your face into a test field in the spirit of “shennong try herbs”, then be careful about whiteningNot to ruin the skin!

The following bad whitening sunscreen habits may make you never come back white, but be alert!


Crazy abuse of whitening and freckle products Many of the eyebrows, regardless of their skin texture, blindly try a variety of products that claim to be able to whiten and freckle, and have tried countless whitening skin care products, but the results can only add countless troubles to their skin.

  In fact, whitening appropriately adheres to individualized schemes. Different skins should choose the right whitening and freckle products with different ingredients and efficacy.


At 30 degrees I remembered that sunscreen UV was everywhere.

Sunny, cloudy, ground, indoor, day, or even night!

It can both reflect through beaches, concrete roads, etc., and it can penetrate glass.

  Carry sunscreen daily and replenish it at any time for effective sun protection.


Regardless of the product’s decay and increase, it is not easy for the beauty salon to recommend you to use some quick-acting whitening products. Don’t be for the immediate beauty of the picture, causing irreparable damage to your skin.

Those harmful ingredients may make your skin temporarily white, but over time, some pigmentation and sensitization symptoms

  What you need to pay attention to: those products that claim to be quick whitening and freckle usually contain glucocorticoids, which will make your skin white and tender in a short time, but over time, pigmentation caused by acne spots, absolutely.
You ca n’t regret it. When choosing a product, you must ensure the distance between the channels, and go to the beauty salon with a certain qualification.


Just pick up the sunscreen and apply it casually. Pick up the sunscreen and apply it casually. Many parts are not actually applied, otherwise it is completely uneven?

Make STEPS sun protection more thoroughly, and the skin will absorb the lotion essence and become smooth!


I think indoors, no sunscreen is needed to avoid rumors: UV rays are everywhere. No matter where you are in any season or any environment, as long as there is a light source, there is UV rays. As long as UV rays can patronize your skin, you mustUse sunscreen to block UV rays, so sun protection is patented under multiple sun rays!

Also use SPF15, PA ++ sunscreen products indoors and on cloudy days.


I often visit nightclubs but never have high UV content in the sunscreen. Repeated exposure to the sun can cause the skin color to deepen or form spots. If work or lifestyle is often in such an environment, pay attention to sunscreen!


I like to rub a lot of sunscreen sunscreen is taken-take an appropriate amount between your fingers or palm, lightly faint and pat on the part where sun protection is needed, and pat evenly.

Sunscreen is a large molecule. Don’t rub it too much. Massage it hard and squeeze it into the pores. It will easily “knead the mud” and block the pores, which will reduce the sunscreen effect.