Reasons for the mouse hand Learn these tricks to easily cure the mouse hand

Reasons for the mouse hand Learn these tricks to easily cure the mouse hand

Too many people have heard of the mouse hand, which is a modern disease that was not present in the age without computers.

If the computer is used frequently and the mouse is always used in the hand, there may be a problem with the mouse hand.

Do you know what causes the mouse hand?

How to prevent the formation of mouse hands?

Let’s find out!

  Mouse Hand Cause 1.

Problems with finger joints Each person’s hand is formed by many joints. This is because it can facilitate the bending and grasping ability of the fingers. If the mouse is operated during work, the joints of each finger must be straightened.Frequent repeated operations will make the fingers feel tired and stiff, which will cause joint pain in the middle of the fingers.


Improper operation Everyone will use the wrist as a fulcrum when practicing with a mouse. This will cause excessive pressure on the carpal tunnel outlet tube. If continuous work is performed, the wrist will repeatedly rub against the table and squeeze, thus stimulatingWhen the nerves and blood vessels in the carpal tunnel reach the corresponding symptom group, a mouse hand is formed.


Improper posture What is a mouse hand?

The mouse hand is also commonly referred to as “carpal tunnel syndrome”. It mainly refers to the series of symptoms caused by the compression of the median nerve of the human body and the blood vessels entering the hand.

  In this case, most people use slender and blind or irregular mouse or keyboard, or use ergonomic mouse, resulting in stiffness and pain in the index and middle fingers, or slight numbness and weakness of thumb muscles.

  Some people use keyboards and mice that are not suitable for them, or have problems with the height of the table or chair, etc. These external factors can also lead to improper postures, especially those who have been in contact with the computer for a long time, and naturally have mouse hands every day.Interference.

  Improper posture is the most important thing for the formation of a mouse hand. Some people can still use the correct posture to operate the computer at the beginning, but after a long time, they forget the posture after feeling tired.

  Having said so many reasons for the formation of mouse hands, let’s take a look at how to prevent or alleviate mouse hands!

The method is very simple.

  How to prevent mouse hands1.

Twist the fingers with the healthy thumb, pinch the affected finger with the index finger, and twist from the root of the finger to the tip of the finger. Each finger is performed in turn. After twisting, pull the finger appropriately.


Press the flexing pool acupoint to place the thumb of the healthy limb on the flexure acupoint of the affected limb, and place the other four fingers on the back of the elbow.


1 minute.

It is better to have a sour feeling.


Press the hand Sanli acupoint with the thumb of the healthy limb and press it on the affected side with the thumb and the other four fingers on the opposite side of the acupuncture point.

5?1 minute.


Pay attention to sitting in the sitting position should pay attention to chest, do not hunchback, it is best to lean on the back of the chair.

Do not cross or twist Erlang’s legs to prevent blood circulation from being blocked and affect local blood supply.


The keyboard should be properly placed. The keyboard should be placed in the center directly in front of the body. Avoid slanting the keyboard to one side and approach the keyboard at the same level with the elbow or use the mouse to prevent the carpal tunnel from being pulled excessively. It is better to replace the arc penetration and contact.The wide face helps the mouse to disperse the force.


Holding the water bottle to exercise your wrist When you go to work, you can use the supplies next to it, such as a water bottle filled with water, then hold the water bottle tightly, and move up and down, each hand about 30 times.

This helps our wrists promote circulation.


Wrist exercise: Holding a tennis ball (or other object of suitable size and weight) and flipping the wrist up and down about 30 times is conducive to the exercise of wrist strength and the ability to coordinate the limbs.

Throw the ball with both hands in front of the chest, and there was a small ball in the previous hand.
Hold firmly, count five times silently, spread your fingers as far as possible to throw away.


Playing fingers with both hands and ten fingers simulates playing the piano, starting from the thumb to the palm.

Repeat 20 times.

  Summary: The mouse hand is actually a more common problem among office workers, and the situation will be more obvious when working.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone can maintain the correct posture when operating the computer.

Then, just after work, move your hands more, so that it is not easy to have a mouse hand.