Yoga slimming to be a sexy little witch

Yoga slimming to be a sexy little witch

In general, the effect of slimming does not necessarily appear as weight loss, but is manifested by a decrease in “body thickness” or “girth size”.

Unlike weight loss, slimming is more targeted and can be used for local body parts with severe accumulation, such as thighs, hips, lumbar spine, hips, etc.

Not everyone needs to lose weight, but slimming is a daily homework for every woman.

  Why do thin people have orange peel skin?

  This is mainly due to the disorder of female hormone secretion, which is not completely related to obesity, and is a common problem in adult women.

Even skinny women may have orange peel skin.

  part1: The most popular non-dieting slimming method a, meditation slimming method According to the power of meditation, human beings can make their minds come true, so only the German psychologist’s “Slimming with Cerebellum”book.

Of course, this way of “thinking” to lose weight is not the usual “thinking”, but deliberate meditation. Through the right brain’s signals that are good for regulating emotions, the goal of weight loss is achieved, and I feel very happy.

  Meditation Points: * During meditation, you need to lie down or sit relaxed, breathe deeply, and take one breath to relax your body.

If you feel nervous or tired in one part of your body, breathe into that part.

  * Take 3 deep breaths and exhale deeply to drive out the tension and tiredness of the day.

In this way, take a few minutes to pay attention to your own breath, drive away all thoughts, and completely relax your body.

  * Then, every time I inhale, I say to my heart, “My body is young and firm like a girl”, and every time I exhale, I say, “I am driving away all waste and garbage.”

  * Then, talk to each part of your body, starting with your feet and gradually moving upwards.

At the same time, let the pressure and tension of all the pressing parts go with it.

Do the same with the legs, abdomen, back, chest, hips, and hands, all the way to the shoulders, neck, face, and head.

If in the process any other thoughts or feelings come, don’t worry, refocus your attention on your breathing.

  Recommendation: Before meditation, you may wish to make a cup of herbal tea.

When brewing herbal tea, you can see beautiful flowers or leaves recovering in hot water and rupturing, and through different water temperatures, some herbal tea soups will show different colors; especially when injected with hot waterThe pure natural aroma makes you more comfortable in your meditation.

Lavender, lemongrass and camomile are all good choices.

  b. Yoga detox is a common and relatively simple sun-dance yoga, which can quickly activate your body function and make you fully prepared for your work day.

The best place is on the home’s terrace or balcony. The warm sunshine and fresh air can help you get rid of the garbage in your body. It is a good time to eliminate puffiness and tighten your body.

  step1: Use the normal kneeling position, with the back straight, hands laid down naturally, aligned with shoulder width.

  step2: Slowly lower your head, bend down, and touch your hands with the ground.

  step3: Slowly slide your hands forward to stop at the tightest point.

  step4: Lift your body with both hands on the ground, with the top on the ground and the left arched.

This action only needs to be done to the extreme, without being demanding.

  step5: Slowly recover your hands, return to the sitting position, and relax your body.

  Upgraded version of Hot Yoga-This is another sports craze that has developed in Europe and America following the yoga boom.

To make it simpler, you can complete 26 yoga moves in the room heated to 38 seconds.

In this sport, sweating is an important component, not just a result.

Because the detoxification effect of sweating coincides with the effect that yoga itself seeks, thermal yoga can also regulate your endocrine and make the body compact and elastic.

  Recommendation: Recommend a c-type thin belly yoga that is especially easy to do.

All you need to do is sit on the ground with your hands folded across your chest and bend your knees.

The body is tilted back about 45 degrees to make the body as “c” shape as possible, the stomach is contracted, the strength is concentrated in the abdomen, paused for 10 seconds, and repeated 5 times.

Persistence every day is very beneficial to reducing abdomen.

  c. Body-building method We have already said that body shape is not exactly the same as body shape. The body shape is basically determined by the innate. It cannot be determined or changed by yourself. The body shape can be improved through acquired training and training.

  I especially envy many European women. They are at least two circles larger than the size of a yellow woman like China, and the waist of a Chinese woman is thick!But they still walk like a queen, with their heads raised and their breasts raised, so that you suddenly realize that walking is also an elegant thing.

Therefore, fat and thin is not the most important, but more important is the daily physical habits.

  Most Chinese women have this problem, which is that they are not upright.

They live in a tense city and are tired every day, often ignoring their most basic physical posture.

Although many people have a slender figure, they are not upright and upright, and the bad posture of holding the pull for a long time can cause headaches and make the body shape, the lower abdomen becomes larger, the waist becomes thicker, and the legs become swollen.

If you often bow your waist, shrug your shoulders, and lower your head, your feet in high heels are shaped like a figure, even if you are not fat, you will not look elegant!

  Suggestion: If you want to shape the “beauty curve” of ritual, you can also choose 1?
2 fitness classes, not for weight loss, but for the sake of a beautiful body.

If your favorite project has a strong rhythm and dynamic characteristics, it can replace aerobics classes, such as public aerobics, Latin aerobics, hip-hop, etc. If you like to dance and dance with melodious music, light singing,I will introduce several previously targeted bodybuilding courses.

But remember one thing: When you choose a project, you have to stick to the end.