Daily health is not good, the five internal organs are sick!


5 steps to regulate blood, it is worth keeping in mind

“Daily health” is not good, the five internal organs are sick!
5 steps to regulate blood, it is worth keeping in mind

“The owner of the person, blood and ears.

“Blood is the root of life, and everything else runs around the blood.”

Qi deficiency and blood deficiency are common problems of modern people, both men and women, and women are more serious.

Insufficient boots have spawned many health problems, which is also the root cause.

One: What causes women to be less susceptible to qi and blood?

1, the pressure and the twists and turns of the schedule of work and time, modern women play more and more roles, not only at home to play a good wife, a good mother, a good wife, but also a good employee outside, under the double pressure of family and work, leading to excessiveThe tiredness makes the work schedule irregular and the quality is poor, so that the body’s qi and blood can’t be recovered very well. In the long run, the woman will have insufficient blood.

2, the reduction of exercise volume Most diseases prevention and treatment are inseparable from the right amount, reasonable exercise, exercise can effectively enhance the body’s function, so that the body is in a healthy state.

The life of modern women has been busy, often accompanied by their own movements, resulting in less exercise.

As the amount of exercise is reduced, the blood does not circulate, and the formation of blood and blood is blocked, eventually causing symptoms of insufficient blood in women.

3, menstrual extension, menstrual blood reduction, dysmenorrhea women’s menstruation and qi and blood are particularly close.

The menstrual cycle of the average female body is relatively regular, and the menstrual flow rate is also very stable every time. It will last for 4-6 days, but if the female body has insufficient blood, the menstrual cycle may be prolonged.The menstrual flow will be significantly reduced, the menstrual period will have dysmenorrhea, dizziness, these should be paid attention to.

4, the energy supply is insufficient for the occurrence of various diseases, and it will consume the energy of the human body many times, and will continue to consume human blood.

If the disease is not treated in time, and the diet is unreasonable, the nutrition is not balanced, resulting in insufficient energy supply, and symptoms of lack of blood will also occur.

Two: Five steps to regulate qi and blood deficiency Step 1: Adjust the spleen and stomach diet to eat more, yam, lentils, and other ingredients for spleen and stomach.

In addition, you can also decoction “Shenzhen Tea”, which has the effect of replenishing the spleen and replenishing qi, and promoting yang and stopping diarrhea.

Step 2: Liver blood, liver and blood, main venting, air conditioned machine, help the spleen and stomach transport, so nourishing liver and blood is the basis of regulating blood.

Live the liver and avoid getting angry, staying up late, overworked.

Chinese medicine believes that “long-term injury to the blood”, so we must pay attention to the rest of the eyes.

Step 3: The Chinese medicine practitioner of Yuanhanxi believes that “the blood temperature is OK, the cold is condensed”, the cold evil causes the blood to stagnate, the meridian is not smooth, and the blood and blood are blocked.

Therefore, we must pay attention to daily warmth and warm feet, work hard, avoid eating cold.

Cold evil mainly comes from two aspects: First, it is cold, such as taking a cold bath, chilling water, blowing air conditioner, etc. Second, it comes from the diet, mainly eating cold food, such as cold drinks, iced fruits and so on.

Step 4: Multi-exercise exercise is an essential alternation of qi and blood. It helps the spleen and stomach convert nutrients into blood, dredge meridians and promote blood and blood.

Step 5: Dietary medicine, Ejiao, ginseng, Chinese yam, medlar, medlar, chicken, gold, lily, yin, glutinous rice, Amomum and other traditional Chinese medicines and blood-containing ingredients such as red dates, honey combined to make qi and blood doubleComplement tea and know.

/ Kun.


Age drink, good gas and blood, beauty and beauty, conditioning menstruation, nourish the body, improve sleep, warm the palace to drive the cold.

Effective, most suitable for women with insufficient blood.

In life, we must follow the correct method to solve the symptoms of our lack of blood, to protect our lives more healthy is the best, so in time to improve according to the above-mentioned methods, we do not knowThis disease brings very good effects to our body, makes our lives more healthy, brings very good results to our lives, makes our lives more perfect, so effective and reasonable understanding, understandingThe symptoms of our female friends’ lack of blood make our lives live longer.