The first of the couple’s psychological confrontation

The first of the couple’s psychological confrontation

A social psychologist has investigated the psychological causes of discord between husband and wife and found that the husband’s dissatisfaction with his wife is mainly due to the following aspects: Husband’s dissatisfaction: First, his wife chattered.

No matter what big things, no matter when and where, always talk.

  Second, the lack of common life tastes.

They do n’t share their interests, they ca n’t enjoy life together, and they even contradict each other.

  Third, selfishness and unforgivingness are the most intolerable for husbands.

  Fourth, frustration, interfere with their hobbies.

Almost every man has his own hobbies. This is an essential psychological balance factor in men’s lives. They will never be disturbed by their hobbies.

  Fifth, the clothes are disheveled, which means that the decentness of the husband is lost, and the husband is ashamed.

  Six, irritable.

Any man wants his wife to be gentle and cute, and irritability is an important factor leading to the breakdown of the marriage relationship.

  Seventh, connect his discipline to women.

Many families belong to the “strict father, kind mother” family, but if one is too strict and one is too kind, there will naturally be contradictions.

  Eight, boast, can’t.

This problem is common among men, and if they find that their wife has this quality, they will be very bored.

  Nine, feeling fragile.

Mature women’s feelings are stable. Men generally want their wives to be more mature, and the “little girl” -style wives with fragile feelings make their husbands unacceptable for a long time.

  Ten, fractured heart and chest, afraid of strong heart.

  Eleven, ignore housework.

For whatever reason, it is bad to ignore housework.

  Twelve, it’s hard to argue, and it’s confusing.

Use strong words to make sense, and write too much.

  Wife’s dissatisfaction: First, the husband’s selfishness and inconsideration.

Women also need the warmth of men. Selfishness is the number one enemy of love.

  Second, there are no outstanding achievements in career.

Women always want their husbands to be outstanding, at least to make a difference.

  Third, she likes depression and does not understand her taste.

If the husband and the wife are not interested in sex, it is best not to repeat too much.

  Fourth, do not want to discuss things openly and honestly.

  Fifth, lack of interest in children and weak family concepts.

  Six, too harsh on children, take the child as a punching bag when discomfort.

  7. Regardless of the family, treat their friends as everything, and the family serves itself and their group.

  Eight, rude, inelegant, and not polite.

  Nine, lack of self-motivated, pass and pass, generally men’s desire for success, mediocre and rigid.

  Ten, grumpy and impatient.

Overriding the family, can’t wait for people calmly, get angry easily, it is unbearable.

  Eleven, love to criticize people, usually men’s generosity, broken mouth, like to criticize small things.