[How to pickle lemons with honey]_How to make_Homely

[How to pickle lemons with honey]_How to make_Homely

Honey marinated lemon is a very common practice in real life. Lemons marinated with honey only taste better, and they are rich in vitamins and various minerals.Well, and the method is very simple, cut the fresh lemons and put them in the container. How to add a certain amount of honey needs to be sealed well, and it can be eaten after leaving for a few days.

How to make honey-picked lemons: Step 1: Wash the lemons with warm water, and then rub each lemon carefully with coarse salt. This step is very important, just like washing your face.The wax on the epidermis is completely removed to avoid the mildew of the lemon during the pickling process.

Then soak it in salt water for 30 minutes, and then rinse with water to dry the epidermis.

Step 2: Find a container, glass jar, lunch box, etc. The container must be thoroughly cleaned, boiled and scalded, then dried.

Cover the softest layer of the container with honey first. It is best to replace pure natural honey, such as acacia honey and date nectar.

Step 3: Prepare to cut lemon.

But before you make sure that the lemon, cutting board and kitchen knife are clean and dry, this will avoid spoilage when pickled.

Step 3: Pickle lemons.

Layered layer by layer in the order of honey and lemon.

Then put a thick layer of honey on the last layer of lemon, and sprinkle a thin layer of salt on the honey.

The effect of putting a little salt is to “kill” as much juice as possible in the lemon slices, and the salt in it can bring out the sweetness and taste more delicious.

Pickled lemon with pure natural mature honey can be placed directly in the shade of the room.
In 3 days, you can take it out and eat it. You can use it to drink black tea, clear your throat and lungs, and add VC.
It’s okay to grab a few slices and eat them for sweets, and you can put them next to them for edible decoration.

Honey lemon tea homemade method 1, slice the lemon into thin slices First prepare a lemon and clean it.

Because the lemon peel will be used later, if you are afraid of wax on the lemon peel, you can wipe the surface of the lemon with salt.

After washing and drying, cut a lemon into thin slices.

2. For honey and lemon bottling, prepare a slightly larger glass bottle that can be sealed. Firstly, add a layer of honey to the bottle, and then cover the bottom of the bottle with lemon slices.Just fill the bottle layer by layer.

3, sealed into the refrigerator to seal the glass bottle, sealed, put in the refrigerator to refrigerate, the length of time can be determined according to taste.

It is recommended to take it a week later, because it will taste longer and the lemon will not be sour.

: Volume, you can taste it.

4. When you open it for tasting and drinking, put a few slices of lemon into a cup, and then pour a little honey lemonade, add water and stir well, you can drink.

It is best to use warm water, because warm water will not destroy the ingredients of honey and citrate, and it will be easily absorbed by the body.