Advocating fruit to lose weight to be scientific


Advocating fruit to lose weight to be scientific

Losing weight is not a one-off event, but should be persevering.

Recognized simply that: only eat fruit can achieve weight loss goals!

It is necessary to carry out the weight loss of edible fruits scientifically and rationally and gradually, in order to compare the ideal weight loss effect.

銆€銆€Below we will describe the main points of fruit weight loss as follows: Eat fruit before meals American researchers believe that 30 before meals?
Eating some fruit in 40 minutes can reduce weight without pain and achieve good weight loss.

This is because the fruit eaten before meals can be absorbed into the meal, and if the conversion of each meal is reduced, it can naturally lose weight.

In addition, the fructose contained in the fruit can reduce the body’s need for transformation, and the demand for sparse food at the time of eating is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the amount of food, and indirectly causing excessive sparse accumulation in the body.

銆€銆€Diet and diet “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “Poisonous drugs attack evil, grain for raising, five fruits for help, five animals for benefit, five dishes for filling”, meaning that drugs for healing diseases and evil spirits, their sexual bias;It is essential for a nutritious body. Meat, fruits and vegetables are essential supplements.

Experts from the Nutrition Society have relocated the 鈥淐hinese Resident Compensation Pagoda鈥? which means promoting food diversification, balanced nutrition, health and longevity.

Nowadays, many people who lose weight often use fruit instead of dinner, or think that eating more fruits will not make you fat without adding restrictions. This is unscientific and harms health.

Although the fruit contains a lot of carbohydrates, water, cellulose and a small amount of protein, traces, vitamins and minerals, the crude cellulose content and its special nutrients are not comprehensive.

Most of the iron and calcium content of fruits are reduced. If the fruit is eaten for a long time, the nutrition will be uneven, and it is easy to suffer from diseases such as anemia.

Therefore, it is not possible to replace the meal with fruit. The purpose of weight loss should be achieved by appropriately reducing the amount of food. It is also necessary to eat cereals, milk, fish, etc., so that various nutrients are replaced in appropriate proportions.

銆€銆€Choose to pay attention to fruit sweet and delicious, nutritious, different fruits have different health effects.

Such as cherries can remove toxins from the body, have a certain effect on kidney detoxification, and also have a laxative effect; grapes can help eliminate liver, intestines, and garbage in the stomach; strawberries are not high in calories, rich in vitamin C, can enhance the liverThe function, and taste is very good.

銆€銆€There is also a need to pay attention to the choice of fruit.

First of all, you should pay attention to the choice of fruit with sugar content instead.

According to research, pineapple, cantaloupe, papaya, banana, grape and other fruits have higher glycemic index, and dieters should avoid excessive intake of such fruits.

And glycemic index indicators such as apples, lemons, plums, cherries, and citrus are better choices for dieters.

In fact, do not eat too much fruit.

Most people think that fruits are rich in fiber, almost no excess and protein, so they can be eaten unrestrainedly. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Fruit is not a very low-energy food. Because it tastes sweet and easy to eat too much, the sugar will also be converted into traces and accumulated. For example, there are about 120 joules per 100 grams of strawberry. If you like strawberry, you can eat it once.A lot, the moment of absorption is amazing.

Another example is to eat half a medium-sized watermelon (about 2 kilograms of melon), and introduce a transformation of about 2700 joules, which is equivalent to three bowls of rice.

Therefore, when eating fruit to lose weight, it is also necessary to reduce the amount of fruit consumed.

銆€銆€Exercise is the key. In fact, the most important cause of obesity is excessive accumulation and low consumption. Therefore, the key to losing weight is to make the total daily intake lower than the total consumption.

1 kg of human cockroaches is roughly converted into a conversion of 28,000 kJ, so to lose weight (濮? 1 kg, it is necessary to reduce the transfer by 2 8000 jog.

If you reduce the micro intake by 2000 per day?
28,000 kilojoules, about 10?
In 14 days, the goal of losing 1 kilogram of aunt can be achieved.

However, the daily intake should not be too small, because when the accumulation exceeds 4,800 kJ, it is difficult to ensure the supply of nutrients needed by the human body. Therefore, although the control is always possible, there must be a limit to keep the monthly reduction of 1?
2 kg is more suitable.

Therefore, diet and weight loss are important, but also have appropriate exercise coordination.

If you can guarantee more than 3 times a week, every time you do more than half an hour, you will receive a good weight loss effect.

銆€銆€It is also worth mentioning that if the total excess absorbed by the human body is too small, the body will experience a decrease in the metabolic rate of compensatory metabolism, increase the absorption of conversion, and reduce the consumption of conversion.