[Easiest way to make cuttlefish]_how to do_how to do

[Easiest way to make cuttlefish]_how to do_how to do

Cuttlefish has become squid again. Cuttlefish has high nutritional value, and the meat of cuttlefish is particularly tender and delicious. The best way to eat fresh cuttlefish is brine cuttlefish. We often see cuttlefish balls in the market.There are many ways to make meatballs made of cuttlefish, and cuttlefish is also popular. The following is the simplest way to make dried cuttlefish.


The taste of fresh cuttlefish is very good.

Of course, the better way to eat is brine cuttlefish.

The cuttlefish in Ningbo, Zhejiang, are called squid fish. When they went on the market in spring, they used peeled pork belly, Canan milk and braised cuttlefish together.Dishes call for customers.


There are many cooking methods for dried squid and dried cuttlefish. After cooking, there are many ways to cook dried squid and dried cuttlefish, stir-fry, explode, burn, stew, and stir-fry.

Here are just two examples of family style.

(1) Xuecai squid (Snow cabbage black flower) 1. Raw materials: 250 grams of dried fish after rising hair; 100 grams of pickled vegetables in the snow.

2. Seasoning: 3-5 grams each of ginger rice, green onion, 3 garlic, one dried pepper, 10 grams cooking wine, soy sauce content, appropriate amount of salt, flavored with sugar, 50 grams of vegetable oil, 80 grams of fresh soup.

3. Operation method: (1) Change the squid (cuttlefish) washed after rising hair or use a flower knife (for the sake of taste and taste for maturity), blanch it with boiling water; cut the ginger into rice grains, and slice garlic; Dried peppers cut into sections; chopped pickles.

(2) Add heat to the wok, add vegetable oil, add garlic slices and stir fry, add pickles and stir-fry until cooked, pour in soup, ginger, shallots, and squid pieces, add various condiments such as soy sauce, and finallyAdd sugar and turn over a few times to add a pot to the table.

(Two) (microwave) grilled squid (ink) fish tube 1, raw materials: the whole squid (ink) fish tube two.

One green onion, and other ingredients (available for personal preference, such as Chinese cabbage, bamboo shoots, parsley, green onions, and tomatoes).

2, seasoning: 15 grams of cooking wine; 5 grams each of ginger garlic; 50 grams of soy sauce; pepper powder; 15 grams of peanut butter; 100 grams of soup; MSG and white sugar seasoning; 10 grams of vegetable oil.

3. Operation method: (1) Wash the fish body tube with hair that has been swollen, blanch it with boiling water, consume half an hour into the mouth made of various spices, lift it up to dry, and then reinsert it into the flavor; BeijingCut the shallot into two cm long pieces.

(2) Put the scallion section on the bottom of the basin, discharge the overlapped fish barrels on the scallion section, connect the basin to the microwave oven, and dial the function key of the microwave oven to the barbecue function for 2 minutes.

After the microwave oven stops, take out the squid rolls and immerse them in the rest. Then add other ingredients (optionally one or two of your favorite) to the basin, and then cut the re-inserted fish body tube into the top.Add them to the microwave oven and bake for about two minutes.

It forms a pot of grilled squid (ink) fish barrels.

Sprinkle with pepper before serving.

Note: 1. To make the squid (cuttlefish) cooked tender but not old, you need to master the cooking time.

Since most of the squid is protein, it will solidify after heating, so the longer the cooking time, the harder the squid is.

2. When microwave roasting, you should consider the size of squid, old and tender, master the time, so as not to roast for a long time, the old and tough can not eat; and the raw and not eaten, so you must be flexible to master the heat (timeLength, size of firepower