Qingcheng Mountain

Qingcheng Mountain

In the early years of the Tang Dynasty, the drug king Sun Sizhen traveled to Qingcheng Mountain in Sichuan with his disciple Yun, collecting herbs from the thorns.

One day, when the mentor and the teacher were tired, they rested in the mixed pine forest.

Suddenly I saw a large female crane beside the forest hole in Linzhong, playing with a few small cranes.

The drug king was seeing God, and suddenly heard a few small cranes screaming, only to see that the big female crane’s head and neck were hanging down, their feet trembled, and they continued to mourn.

Yaowang immediately understood that this female crane was suffering from an acute illness.

  The next morning, the day was just bright, and the drug king and apprentice went to Qingsonglin.

In the place not far from the crane nest, the snoring of the sick crane in the nest is clearly identifiable.

After another day, Yao Wang’s mentoring again went to Qingsonglin, but the white crane’s nest could not hear the sick crane.

Looking up, several white cranes soared in the air, a small white flower fell in the mouth, and a few leaves, much like the leaves of carrots.

The drug king let the apprentice pick it up and save it.

  A few days later, the body of the female crane has fully recovered, leading the little cranes to play as usual.

Yaowang observed that Baihe loves to go to the ancient cave where there is no cliff, there is a greenery, flowers and leaves are the same as the ones that have fallen from the white cranes.

Yaowang instinctively associates with the fact that the recovery of the female crane is related to this medicine.

After the experiment, he found that the plant has the effect of promoting blood circulation, relieving phlegm and relieving pain, and let the apprentice bring the medicine down the mountain, and use it to treat the patient symptomaticly.

Yaowang exclaimed with excitement: “Qingcheng is quiet in the world, the first hole in western Sichuan.

The cranes are in the past, and the good medicines are gone.

This medicine is called Chuanxiong!

“Chuan Chuan” was named after the primary.