Qi Qigong is healthy and slim

Qi Qigong is healthy and slim

A woman who loves beauty always cares about the meat on her body. When she is a little more, she is troubled. If she is less, she is very excited.

Therefore, careful selection of the correct method of weight loss is the primary focus for you who love beauty.

Qigong weight loss is a free-living diet, which means that as long as you have patience and perseverance, the effect of slimming is more obvious.

  Most women think that as long as they lose weight, no matter how much they spend, they will try their best to try various ways to lose weight. The purpose is to make themselves more beautiful and moving.

In fact, although the external body shape is important, physical health is more important. Do not affect health due to bad weight loss methods, resulting in a lifetime of regret.

  It is a traditional Chinese health regimen to practice qi and blood and smooth qigong.

Health and outstanding “blood circulation”, therefore, everything must start from the source, first do a “qi” cycle, and then a “blood” cycle.

The earth has weather and earth, nature has air, people are popular, it is very simple to master your own popularity, as long as one breath is in accordance with the principle of health, follow the principle of fine, slow, long and even, when the breathing mode is moreThin, slower, longer, the relative will become even, and make you feel comfortable. Once you reach this state of breathing, your body circulation will become more orderly, your mood will be more calm, and you will be able to act naturally.Pushing the boat along the water, the water is everywhere, so every breath is very important to the body.

  Master Li Fengshan said that practicing Qi can help people to cultivate their body, change their temper, help the body to absorb good, and discharge bad ones. Through correct breathing, in addition to being able to exclude bad things in the body, they can also discharge their aunts.The purpose of weight reduction, therefore, Qigong can be both fitness and bodybuilding, and it is an all-round optimal weight loss method.

  The four functions of radiant qigong are a healthy and cost-effective method of weight loss. You can use “deep breathing” to lose weight anytime and anywhere, and eliminate the extra exceptions.

However, health weight loss is not only the discharge of aunt, how to make the skin shiny, flexible, and vital, is the most important purpose of weight loss.

Practice the orthodox qigong, persevere, and then with the appropriate diet, bring weight loss effect.

Between a simple breath and a breath, you can provide people with the best blood circulation, the best physiological balance, the deepest nutrients and the excretion of parasitic gas. Through these four functions, you can burn the body completely and can also letFrom the inside out, people radiate the brightest brilliance.

  Modern people pursue fashion, as long as they see new ways to lose weight, they will want to try further.

In fact, weight loss does not have to achieve the goal of a few kilograms, and even adjust to the body that suits you. If you can keep your body within your own weight range, you can make your skin firm, full of energy, and glow from the inside out.Give people the feeling of being more comfortable.

  There are many definitions of beauty, the pursuit of the beauty of personal traits, let yourself be temperament, have a charm, in order to be confident.

Don’t become a sick beauty because of losing weight. The spirit is dissipated all day long, and the diet is not normal. Even if you lose weight and succeed, it will also damage your health. It is really impossible to do anything.