Can’t eat soy sauce with wounds?

Can’t eat soy sauce with wounds?

Can’t eat soy sauce with wounds?

This is the topic of the Big V rumor grinder yesterday. There are rumors that scars will be left after surgery, and dark foods such as soy sauce will make the scars darker.

In fact, this unsubstantiated claim has been devoted to Jinke Yulu by too many patients, and even the chief surgeon of Shenzhen’s major hospitals wanted to “print the problem of sticking to the wall”.

  Dark food will not have scars. Black reporters consulted the Shenzhen Children’s Hospital, Shenzhen Peking University Hospital, and Luohu People’s Hospital with ten surgeons. Eight of them were asked whether they can eat soy sauce after surgery, And the frequency is “countless times”.

Ma Xiaopeng, a surgeon at Shenzhen Children’s Hospital, revealed that he can’t remember how many patients have asked this question, but it is certain that this is often what the surgeon must explain.

“I used to hear that my parents had said that soy sauce would turn black after eating too much. Later, I did not know how it would turn into soy sauce and make scars black.”

He said that there is no scientific basis for whether to eat soy sauce or make the scars at the starting point black.

  ”Not only children, but even adults and even the elderly have this mistake.” Mr. Wu, a general surgeon at Luohu People’s Hospital, found that he often encountered this problem.Have to explain carefully.

In fact, too many surgeons speak privately and want to stick a piece of paper in the consultation room to inform the patients that soy sauce will not make your scars deeper, and other dark-colored foods will not.

  Do not eat soy sauce in excess because of high salinity, Zeng Yaochi, director of the Nutrition Department of Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, reproduced that the causes of soy sauce and scars are completely different.

“Soy sauce is food that soybean products are implanted after fermentation. It is mainly amino acids. The substance that darkens the skin or scars is melanin. Melanin is secreted by melanocytes in the epidermis, and amino acids do not produce this substance.”.

She also revealed that even if food colorants are absorbed by the body, they will not be transported to the skin.

However, Zeng Yaochi also reminded that an average of five milliliters of soy sauce contains 1 gram of salt. A normal person’s salt intake should be about 6 grams per day. Excessive salt injection will cause the blood to become thick and not conducive to shortening wound healing.Avoid excessive consumption of soy sauce.