Application failure is often caused by too much tension

Application failure is often caused by too much tension

Some college students fail when summing up their job applications mainly because they are too nervous.

In the face of recruiters, the more you want to express yourself, the less you can grasp yourself, especially when you are looking for recruiters in your favorite work unit, they are often tense and unpredictable, helpless, even flushed, sweating,Rapid heartbeat.

If you lose a lot of opportunities just because of the nervousness when applying for the job, you can’t show yourself enough, it will be a big loss for college students.

Therefore, students who feel nervous about applying for a job feel pain.

  Students who are nervous about applying, mainly worry about whether their ideals can be realized, whether they can find a satisfactory unit, what to do if the specialty is not used or not matched . Especially, some families have poor conditions and their own conditions are not good.Introverts and inexperienced students are more worried and are in deep pain.

Under these circumstances, these students tried their best to control their tension, trying to make it disappear, and ordered themselves to “don’t be nervous” or “don’t be afraid” when applying for the job. In fact, the result was increased tension.

Because when you give an order to yourself, you are reminding yourself how nervous I am.

Make the originally nervous self pay more attention to your nervous feeling, cause the mutual enhancement of attention and feeling, and the state of separation of thinking and behavior appears.

  Classmates with a sense of nervousness in applying for a job should first understand that almost everyone will experience some degree of tension and worry reaction when facing people who are not familiar with or being watched by others. This is a normal emotional reaction, because whenAfter people have a moderate sense of tension, they will not be confronted with strangers in the face of unbridled words without thinking; without restraint, if you want to do what you want to do, you can maintain the minimum courtesy and etiquette; In order to earnestly, deeply understand the personality of others is meaningful, and to express their thoughts appropriately.

Therefore, proper tension should be maintained in the application.