You should eat more foods containing vitamins when you lose weight.

You should eat more foods containing vitamins when you lose weight.

Trace organic matter essential for the growth and metabolism of living things.

Divided into two types of fat-soluble vitamins and carbonated vitamins.

The former includes vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, etc., and there are residual B vitamins and vitamin C.

  You should eat more vitamin-rich foods during exercise.

  This is because in daily life, the polished rice and the foods that are cooked, fried, fried, fried, etc., the B vitamins are seriously lost, which makes the body absorb insufficiently.

  Different vitamins play different roles in the process of weight loss, and the glucose in the vitamin B1 contained in trace rice and wheat foods is converted into transformation, which accelerates the consumption and utilization of glycogen during exercise; vitamin B2It can help adults burn. This is a very important nutrient for people who limit their intake and exercise. It is rich in liver, egg, meat, milk, green leafy vegetables, beans, wild vegetables and so on.Vitamin B6 is related to protein metabolism, supplemented with Bl, and can be combined with exercise to strengthen muscles; vitamin B12 can promote metabolism and increase the metabolism of trace amounts, sugars and proteins.

  In addition, in the process of exercise, it is necessary to absorb a large amount of water, which is easy to cause loss and deficiency of vitamin C and vitamin B.