[How to cut ginger]_How to cut_How to cut

[How to cut ginger]_How to cut_How to cut

Eating ginger is a habit of most people. It can be used as a side dish when cooking, and ginger has the effect of expelling cold and warming the stomach, which is very beneficial to women.

When we eat ginger, we usually do it in shredded form, but shredding is not easy, so how can ginger cut better?

There is a lot of shreds in ginger, so be sure to choose a sharp kitchen knife, which can be cut into slices before shredding.


Cut the ginger branches first, then cut them horizontally (if you are not short), and practice them, you can cut them very well.


Cut the ginger branches first. If the horizontal cuts are too short, cut the ginger in half first, and then cut the flat side on a cutting board, it will feel very good.


Cut the ginger branches first, cut the ginger in half, then cut the flat side on a cutting board. If the cut is not fine, mix the cut ones and cut them again.Already.
Ginger soup is good with ginger or tender ginger.

Ginger is ginger every other year. It contains more crude fiber and is rich in flavor. It is suitable for soup.

Ginger has a high gingerol content, is spicy, and has better stimulation and health effects.

What is the difference between ginger and tender ginger? Ginger: Contains more spicy ginger, has a stronger effect, and has a rich flavor. It is better for soup.

Tender Ginger: It is relatively tender, has a lot of water, and is not as strong as ginger. It can be used for cooking or making kimchi.

Is ginger soup good for the stomach?
The warm stomach ginger soup has the effect of driving cold and keeping warm. After drinking the ginger soup, fever and sweating will occur, and the stomach will feel hot.

When you feel cold in the spleen and stomach in winter, you can drink hot ginger soup to help your stomach warm.

Protecting the gastric mucosa The active ingredients in ginger soup also have the effect of warming and stopping vomiting, protecting the gastric mucosa and preventing the reflux of gastric food to form vomiting.

People with motion sickness can bring better results.

Promote stomach digestion Ginger soup can also promote the child’s appetite and enhance gastrointestinal digestion. Ginger is rich in cellulose. Ginger soup has a certain relief effect on stomach flatulence or accumulation of food.