[Milk powder does not open with particles]_How to make _ How to make

[Milk powder does not open with particles]_How to make _ How to make

Anyone who has taken a child knows that there are a lot of specialties about brewing milk powder. The water for brewing milk powder should be clean and the temperature should be moderate. You can’t burn the baby or let the baby eat cold milk powder, but someWhen the milk powder will not open, there will be some particles in the stirring, these particles can easily get into the baby’s throat, then the milk powder does not open, what are the reasons for the particles?

1Part of the imported milk powder will have small particles, while the Abbott and Mead Johnson milk powder imported from the United States are larger than the Hong Kong version of the particles (this is why the imported Mead Johnson milk powder is not on fire and the domestic and Hong Kong versions are on fire)A) Therefore, when preparing these milk powders, add them separately to reduce the particles as much as possible. Usually, the thinner the milk powder, the less natural it is.

2 The temperature of the brewing water is not suitable. Different brands of milk powder have different water temperature requirements. Generally speaking, the suitable brewing temperature of milk powder is 37-60 degrees.

If there are many particles, it is better to set the water temperature to a higher temperature. At that time, it should not exceed 60 degrees, which will destroy some of the nutrients in it. In addition, it is necessary to shake the milk bottle as much as possible during the preparation to reduce the particles.

3 follow the correct method of brewing milk powder, milk powder particles are still many, then parents should pay attention to check to see if the milk powder is wet, if it is wet, do not give the baby to drink, should be minimized.

4 Wrong brewing method After the milk powder is brewed, small particles appear most likely because everyone’s brewing method is wrong. Many parents of this type put milk powder first and then water. In this case, milk powder is more difficult to dissolve and it is easier to form.Granules, and there is a problem with the ratio of water to milk powder, which requires parents to carefully check the instructions on the milk powder can.