Middle school students popular online marriage orders parents to force

Middle school students popular online marriage orders parents to force

“It’s a prank. He’s still a student. How can a marriage event be such a spoof?

“A few days ago, Mr. Hao, a citizen of Yanji, saw a marriage certificate in his computer, which printed a picture of his 16-year-old son and a strange little girl.

Faced with the parents’ blame, his son Hao Xiaofei (pseudonym) admittedly, this is the “Internet marriage certificate” that is popular on the Internet.

  The students feel popular. Fresh Xiaofei is now studying in a freshman in a school in Yanji. He is preparing for his three-month anniversary of “Internet Marriage”
on February 22.

According to him, about half a year ago, he met a girl named “Red Tomato” on the Internet. The two got along very well on the Internet, their relationship quickly heated up, and their original academic performance began to gradually decrease.

“Although I know this will affect learning, I can’t control myself anymore. As soon as I left the computer, I started thinking about her.

Xiaofei told reporters calmly.

After constant communication, Xiaofei and “Red Tomato” decided to enter the “online marriage” temple. “Now online marriage is popular, both fresh and exciting!

“So,” Get a marriage certificate, manage a wedding, buy a house . “On November 22, 2007, at the wedding ceremony of” online marriage “, Xiaofei invited several” relatives and friends “on the Internet, even” the emcee”Also came to the scene.”

Exchanging rings, drinking a glass of wine . just like a wedding procedure in real life.

“All the guests and personnel are roles I invite netizens to play.

Xiaofei recalled the scene at the time and told reporters with excitement.

  ”After marriage” makes Xiaofei feel very happy. The first thing to go home from school every day is to go online to see his “small home”, do housework, and buy some virtual goods online.

  But the parents were helpless. At the beginning of the restriction, Xiaofei’s parents thought that the child had just been admitted to a higher-level school, and the pressure was a bit uncomfortable, so they didn’t think much.

Later, careful Mr. Hao found that his son always hid in the room after school and often locked the door.

Until the Spring Festival holiday this year, this “marriage”, which had been concealed for nearly three months, was finally found.

At about 23:00 on the New Year’s Day, Mr. Hao saw a marriage certificate on Xiaofei’s computer screen, which turned out to be pictures of his son and a strange little girl!

The next day, Xiao Fei calmed down: “This is an online marriage certificate, popular!

Although the truth became clear, Xiaofei’s parents felt helpless, and they were particularly worried about their son’s influence on learning.

  Schools should educate and guide a teacher in a college in Yanji, saying that “online marriage” is like a child playing a “play house” game. Although it is a regulation of real emotional life, as long as it is emotional, it will affectThe impact of feelings in life.

As a school, we should strengthen education and guidance in this regard.

A professor of psychology with the surname Zhao of Yanbian University believes that if the child has some abnormal emotions due to being too addicted to “online marriage”, it is necessary for parents to take them to receive psychological counseling or treatment.