Liposuction against waist and belly fat

Liposuction against waist and belly fat

Miss Liu is eager to have a good body, attaches great importance to diet, three meals of tofu and vegetables, the only snack is boiled water, can be waist or belly.

“Hey, drinking water will also make you fat, really troublesome.” She often said this to her friends.

Does drinking water really gain weight?

Director Li Qin of the Laser Surgery and Beauty Center of the Guangzhou Military Region General Hospital explained that Miss Zhang’s waist and abdomen may be caused by hereditary and endocrine disorders.

  The image of the disease caused by waist and abdomen obesity said that the production of obesity is a complicated problem.

The day after tomorrow mainly has bad life, eating habits (such as irregular life, not eating in time, eating hard when you are hungry, eating before going to bed, eating high-calorie foods, etc.); eating more, absorbing more, excretingLess; eat less, absorb more, excrete impurities; sit in front of the day do not move; lack of physical exercise and other reasons.

  Waist and abdomen fat brings a lot of inconvenience.

Functionally speaking, life is inconvenient, and when you move around, you are panting, very hard, and easy to induce high blood pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes and other “rich diseases.”

In appearance, the big belly will affect the personal image. For example, women who dare not wear skirts in summer are a problem.

“So many people come to lose weight,” said Director Li. Weight loss improves the body shape of obese people, looks good, and increases people’s self-confidence.

At the same time, it can also improve the function, reduce the burden on the body, reduce the heart load, lower the blood pressure, and is good for health.

  Extremely fat people need liposuction and remove some of the waist and abdomen skin. Now there are acupuncture treatments (such as acupoint weight loss), Chinese medicine to lose weight, weight loss and weight loss, etc. Director Li believes that although there are various ways to lose weight, but this is a waist and abdomen obesityLocal obesity, a recognized and effective method is liposuction to lose weight.

  At present, in addition to negative pressure liposuction, there are also electronic liposuction, oscillation liposuction, and ultrasonic liposuction.

According to Li Qin, some hospitals now use a combination of ultrasound and negative pressure, which can avoid the disadvantage of slightly inhaling a slight suction by the simple vacuum liposuction method.

During the operation, a local swelling and anesthesia is applied, and the ultrasound is evenly slid back and forth over the waist and abdomen for a few to twenty minutes, breaking the unfortunate, and then opening a 0 in the hidden part of the waist (such as the navel, ventral side, etc.).

A small mouth of 5-1 cm, sucking the broken aunt with a negative pressure and discharging it through the small tube.

The time required for surgery is determined by the amount of feces collected, usually between 1 and 3 hours.

  For people who are very obese and have loose skin, Li Qin reminds that simple liposuction can not achieve a good shaping effect.

For this group of people, it must be combined with liposuction and abdominal plastic surgery, that is, on the basis of liposuction, cut off part of the waist and abdomen skin, the surgical trauma will be larger than the simple liposuction, but the shaping effect is better.

  Cardiovascular disease must first control the condition before surgery. Director Li Qin believes that as long as there is too little local accumulation, the age is between 18-60 years old, healthy, pre-operative doctors such as ECG, chest, blood, blood sugar,Blood pressure and other series of tests, people with normal indicators can do liposuction.

  He explained that liposuction is more suitable for those who are not healthy, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Blood pressure of people over 60 years old, blood sugar will generally become high, it may be dangerous to do this operation; high blood pressure, diabetics, blood pressure people, etc. are accepted from the hospital doctors for treatment, treatment, the primary disease is controlled in the scope of surgery to extract the lipid.

When doing liposuction, doctors from the hospital will monitor blood pressure. If the patient’s blood pressure suddenly rises during the operation, the operation will stop. Therefore, it is better to choose a large hospital.

  Gradually stop eating and conditioning body shape In general, in addition to facial liposuction, people who have more than 2000ml of liposuction should stay in hospital for 1-3 days. Because of the loss of body fluid during the operation, the hospital can remove the required body fluids. The doctor can alsoObserve the situation at all times to ensure safety.

In addition to anticipation of rest, in order to better shape the effect, the doctor recommended intervention to adhere to the elastic bandage for 3 months to half a year.

  Some people think that weight loss can be done once and for all. In fact, liposuction changes the shape of a person, and the weight does not decrease. Therefore, it is also necessary to adjust the diet (normal diet, eat high-sugar, high-metabolism food) and strengthen physical exercise.Keep your body shape.