What Chinese families lack

What Chinese families lack

The following seven things are most valuable to contemporary Chinese families (especially between husband and wife).

  Only innocence of innocence, youth can be permanent, and love can last forever, so it is better to keep a little more naive, simple, have a little hobby, curiosity, and play more games.

  Romance Many Chinese families pay too much attention to reality and are necessarily romantic.

Don’t think that romance means giving flowers and dancing, don’t think that without time, you can’t be romantic without money.

You know, the forms of romance are diverse.

  Too many people think that the speech between husband and wife should be realistic and not need to pay attention to individual art.

As everyone knows, speaking humor can resolve, buffer conflicts and disputes, eliminate embarrassment and separation, and increase fun and emotion.

  Studies by intimate experts have found that intimacy can improve the quality of family life and the incredible effect, and people who have been hugged and kissed for a long time are prone to “skin obesity” and robes have emotional weakness.

Therefore, it’s best to be more intimate in family life.

  Love psychologists believe that each spouse must say at least three emotional words to each other every day.

However, many couples prefer their spouses to show their love in meticulous and considerate care.

But if there is only action and no love words, it will also give people a sense of defect.

  The mutual blocking of communication can only lead to the deepening of misunderstandings. Long-term depression is equivalent to accumulating evil energy. Once it breaks out, the damage is great.

Therefore, we should strengthen communication and often actively understand what the other party thinks.

  Appreciation If you can count the many shortcomings of your spouse without thinking about it, and you can’t tell the merits of your spouse if you rack your brains, then most of you lack appreciation.

If you face to face and only talk about the advantages of your spouse, then you are learning to love and gaining love.

  These seven things are indispensable for a happy family.